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Read Receipt and Alarms

You can check whether the recipient has opened the email in real-time after you sending it.

totle Read Receipt Feature

How To Use Read Receipts
How To Check Read Receipts
How To Disable Read Receipt
  • Open Outlook, then click on "New Email".
  • Enter the recipient(s) email address in the "To" field.
  • Add email subject and message.
  • On the message tab, click on the Read Receipt icon located in the totle menu section.
  • Check the read receipt icon, then click "Send".
1. Configure Real-Time Notifications
  • In the Outlook Home tab, click on the "Alarm" button located on the totle section.
  • In the "Notification" popup window, check the "Read Receipt" checkbox located under the display section.
  • Check the "Enable Pop-up Alarms" checkbox located on the upper right corner of the window.
  • With these settings, you can receive real-time notifications when the recipients open your emails.
2. Sent Email Receipt
  • Open the email you sent in Outlook, then click on the totle read receipt icon located on the message tab.
  • When the read receipt popup window appears, you can view the detailed information,
    1. 1.
      Date and time the email was opened
    2. 2.
      The number of times the email was opened
    3. 3.
      Information about the emaiil client and device used to open the email.
3. All Notifications Tab
  • Click on the "Read Receipt" icon located within the Outlook Home tab.
  • You can check the read receipt status for all sent emails in a single window.
  • Click on New Email → Go to Message tab → Click the Read Receipt icon
  • Click on the activated read receipt icon to uncheck it and disable the read receipt feature.