🔐Mail Encryption (Secure Email)

You can send important emails as encrypted PDF files.

Encrypt important emails and send them in PDF format. To view the email, the recipient must enter the password specified by the sender, ensuring secure email transmission without security concerns

Utilizing Mail Encryption Feature

  • Launch Outlook.

  • Click on 'New Email".

  • Click on the "Secure Sending" icon located on the totle menu on the message tab.

  • When the "Secure Email Setting" popup appears, enter the password and message for the recipient, then click on the "Secure Mail Setting" button.

Other than setting the password for the PDF, you can also configure other PDF download settings and permission.

  1. Printing and editing permissions.

  2. Copy and paste text, images, and other content.

  3. Accessibility for screen reader devices for the visually impaired.

  • After entering the recipient and content in the email composition window, click "Send' to complete the email sending process.

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