💻Mail Merge

Send personalized email based on the organization chart or contact information saved in Outlook.

Utilizing Mail Merge

This feature allows you to send the same email to multiple recipients individually, with each email personalized to include the recipient’s organization name, department, name, and job title information.

  • Launch Outlook.

  • Click the address book section located on the Outlook home menu.

  • Click on the "New Contact" icon to update your contact information.

Macro sending feature retrieves values from Outlook contact information. To ensure that the values inserted into the email are accurate, please update your contact list information in Outlook.

Outlook Contact Valuetotle Macro Value

Last (G)

m_lastname: Last name of the recipient

First (M)

m_firstname: First name of the recipient


m_company: Company name of the recipient


m_department: Department of the recipient

Job Title

m_jobtitle: Job title of the recipient

File As

m_name: Full name of the recipient


m_email: Email address of the recipient

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