👨‍💻HTML Source View and Edit

View and edit email HTML source code and directly send them on Outlook.

By using totle’s HTML Source View feature (View in Browser), you can edit and modify the HTML source of your email in Outlook, regardless of the browser you are using. This feature allows you to easily see how the email will appear across different browsers and devices.

How to Send HTML Source Email

  • Click on "New Email" in outlook

  • In the message tab, click on the “View” icon located on the totle section.

  • From the dropdown menu, click on the “HTML Source View” icon.

  • Once the HTML source view is activated, select all the existing code by pressing CTRL+A then delete it.

  • Copy the HTML code you want to send from your preferred source.

  • Paste the HTML code into Outlook

  • After pasting the HTML code, click the “HTML Source View” icon once again.

  • Clicking the HTML source View will open a popup window for HTML code change and confirmation like the image below:

  • Click "Yes(Y)" to confirm the application of the HTML code, and you now can view and send the email with the applied HTML format.

Source Search and Exit

  • Clicking the Find button within the HTML editing window allows you to easily search for desired source code or keywords.

  • By clicking the Close button, you can cancel HTML editing and return to Outlook's default window.

How to View HTML Source Email

  • In the message tab, click on the “View” icon located on the totle section.

  • From the drop down menu click on the “View in Browser” icon.

  • Clicking “View in Browser” allows you to instantly preview how the HTML file appears in a web browser, directly within the Outlook window

To utilize the “View in Browser” feature, you’ll need to have the Edge WebView2 Runtime program installed. Some users with Windows 7 and Windows 10 who haven’t updated their systems may not have this program installed. In this case, please follow the instructions in the popup window to download and install the Edge WebView 2 Runtime program.

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