📎Large Files and Folders Attachments

This feature allows you to attach and send large files and folders directly within the email.

Attaching Large Files and Folders

  • Click on "New Email" on Outlook.

  • Add recipients,email subject and message.

  • Click "Attachment" button located on the right-side pane.

If the right-side panel does not appear, go to Message tab and click the Large File Attachment icon or the Folder Attachment icon.

  • Click "Add file" button to attach file.

  • When the File Selection window appears, choose the file that you need, and click Open.

  • Once the file upload is completed, you can set the storage period (download availability period) by clicking the arrow button 🔼🔽 or by entering the desired number.

  • By clicking the "Set Position" checkbox, you can set the specific location of the attached file.

You can move the location of the image box shown on the mail composition area by using "Enter", "Backspace", and "Space" key.

  • Once the location of the attachment is set, click "Send".

  • You can find and check the email containing the download link for the attached file in the "Sent Items" folder.

After the storage period, the attachments will be deleted automatically.

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