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totle is an all-in-one Outlook add-in solution that fills in the gap in Outlook.

Exploring Key Features

"totle" is an all-in-one Outlook add-in solution that offers various essential features for email users that are not provided by Outlook. totle provides features for attaching large files and folders, read receipts and notifications, as well as separate email sending. totle also offers powerful features to enhance collaboration and email security.

CategoryAvailable Features

Large File Attachments

  • Large Files and Folders Attachments: Attach large files and folders in Outlook regardless of email size restrictions.

    1. Attachment File Access Management (Setting Archive Period)

    2. Management of Large Attachments Records (Filebox)

Sending Options

  • Read Receipts and Notifications: Check when, how many times, and on what device the recipient opens the email.

  • Separate Sending (1:1 Delivery): Send the same email item to multiple recipients separately in just one click.

  • Mail Merge (Personalized Email): Send personalized email reflecting the recipient's name, company, department, job title, and more based on the organization chart or contact information saved in Outlook.

    1. m_name: Full name of the recipients

    2. m_firstname: First name of the recipients

    3. m_lastname: Last name of the recipients

    4. m_email: Email address of the recipients

    5. m_company: Company name of the recipients

    6. m_department: Department of the recipients

    7. m_jobtitle: Job title of the recipients

  • HTML Source Code View and Edit: Directly edit and preview email HTML sources and send them from Outlook.

Enhancing Work Productivity

  • Email Template: Create, save and utilize email templates based on formats or forms commonly used within the company (e.g. Signature, Customer Inquiries Record, Newsletter, Announcement, etc.)

  • Email Memo: Save and utilize separate notes for each email. This feature greatly enhances your work productivity as it allows you to make notes not only when composing emails, but also for important information you need to remember on the emails you receives and send, deadlines for tasks, updates, and more.

Email Security

  • Email Encryption (Secure Email): Encrypt important emails and send them in PDF format. To view the email, the recipient must enter the password specified by the sender, ensuring secure email transmission without security concerns.

  • File Compression and Encryption: Easily compress and encrypt attachment files before sending them via email. When sending Excel or PowerPoint containing personal information, you don't have to set a password separately in the file which can reduce your working time.

Import and Export Emails

  • Importing Emails: Users who utilize email service other than Outlook and wish to import their backed-up emails into Outlook can use totle email import feature.

  • Exporting Emails: Easily back-up emails in Outlook and save them in safe storage. With backup functions not only for single emails but also folders, you can effectively prefent significant email data loss.

Large File Attachments

Attachments links limit and capacity limit? With totle, you don't need to upload large files and folders to the cloud or provide external links anymore. You can also set the storage period and download location of the attachments. Attaching large files and folders in Outlook has never been more convenient! 💼 Learn more about totle features: https://totle.me 📦Download totle and try for free now: https://totle.me/download

Read Receipts and Notifications

Read receipts can be frustrating without the consent or response from the recipients. With totle's read receipt feature, you can receive a real-time notifications if someone has opened your emails. You can also analyze the performance insight of the email you sent to boost your Outlook performance. 💼 Learn more about totle features: https://totle.me 📦Download totle and try for free now: https://totle.me/download

Email Templates

Tired of typing or copy pasting the same email content over and over? Do you want to response faster or save time when replying to emails? Use totle's email template feature to create and save frequently used email templates instead of creating new emails from scratch every single time. 💼 Learn more about totle features: https://totle.me 📦Download totle and try for free now: https://totle.me/download

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