🗃️File Compression and Encryption

Easily compress and encrypt attachments on your email

File Encryption and Compression feature is available to Personal Plan (and higher) subscribers.

File Compression and Encryption Feature

Encrypt and compress your sensitive or confidential attachments easily.

  • Launch Outlook.

  • Click on "New Email".

  • Click on the "Attachment" tab located on the right-side totle panel.

If the right panel is not activated, you can activate it by clicking the “More Options” icon on the totle menu located in the Message tab.

  • You can compress and encrypt files in the bottom area of the “Attachment” tab.

  • If you have files or folders you want to encrypt, click on “Add File” or “Add Folder” to upload the files.

  • Once the upload of the files you want to encrypt is completed, click on the “Upload Encrypted Zip” button.

  • By clicking the button, Compression Setting popup window will appear.

  • You can configure compression and encryption options by entering the name and password for the file you want to compress. Then click the “Start Compression” button

  • Once the compression is complete, the compressed file will move to the attachment panel located just above it.

  • After completing the email content, click “Send”. The compressed and encrypted file will be attached and sent to the recipient.

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