Easily create and add memo to the emails you received or sent.

Easily record and organize important information, such as creative ideas, various thoughts, phone conversation details, and deadlines that arise during work; categorizing them by importance and category via email.

How to Create Memo

  • In your "Inbox" or "Sent Items", double-click on the email you want to add the memo.

  • Activate totle right pane by clicking the "More Options" icon on the totle menu located in the Message tab.

  • Click the "Memo" tab on the totle right pane.

  • Click on the "New Memo" button to create and add the memo to the email.

Tips for Efficient Memo Use💡

  • Work-related deadlines

  • Important call records

  • Additional work-related notes or request

  • To-Do lists

  • Meeting minutes

How to Search Memo

  • Click on the Home Tab in Outlook.

  • Click on the Search Memos icon located at the totle section.

  • Enter the word you want to search for in the search box, and click Search.

  • Select the desired memo from the search results, then click "Open Mail" to open the email containing that memo.

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