✉️Email Template

You can save and utilize emails contents or formats as email templates.

Email Template feature is available to Personal Plan (or higher) subscribers.

  • Launch Outlook.

  • Click on "New Email".

  • Enter the content you want to use as template.

  • Click on the "Template" tab located on the right-side totle panel.

If the right panel is not activated, you can activate it by clicking the "More Options" icon on the totle menu located in the Message tab.

  • Click on the "New Template" button.

  • In the "New Template" popup window, enter the name of the template and customize additional options you want to save.

    1. Sender address information

    2. Recipient, CC, and Bcc information

    3. Separate Sending and Macro Sending preset

  • Click the "Save" button to complete the email template saving process.

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